Does the Media Stereotype Moms?


Picture June Cleaver, the epitome of the perfect mother. She's rarely wrong, always understanding, and she even put dinner on the table every night while wearing a frilly dress. This is the up-on-the-pedestal portrayal of mothers that the media likes to tout. But if a mom doesn't fit the mold, or (heaven forbid!) makes a mistake, then the media brings down its hammer and wags its proverbial finger. Every decision made by a mother is considered public property ripe for scrutiny. Think of the recent famous moms in the news: Michelle Duggar, Nadya Suleman, Sarah Palin, Kate Gosselin. Whether you like them or not, you have to admit that their mothering skills have been picked apart in excutiating detail by the mass media. And it doesn't stop there. There's welfare moms (now known as largely a media construct), moms who drink, moms who work, moms who don't work, moms who... you get the picture. No mother is safe from measuring up to the ideal. So, Alice Bradley of Finslippy asks the panelists, "Do you think moms are portrayed fairly in the media?" Do you feel media pressure to be a "perfect mom?" Do you think moms are generally portrayed positively or negatively?



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Kenda is a work at home mother who spends her days wrangling two companies, a teen, a toddler and her blog. She is a web designer, comedy club owner and has experience in entertainment PR and print advertising.

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