Have Food Allergies Gotten Out of Control?


It's true. Food allergies weren't all the rage when I was in grade school. There weren't rules or separate lunch areas dividing the children with the nut allergies from the corn allergies (although in hindsight, I do feel like the majority of the "super nerds" had some sort of dietary restriction or another). The point is, as a mom of a preschooler who was shocked to learn that lunch should never ever ever consist of a good ol' PB & J sandwich because little Johnnie might up and die if he touches my boy's sandwich, I too am left to wonder: Have food allergies gotten out of control?


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Kenda is a work at home mother who spends her days wrangling two companies, a teen, a toddler and her blog. She is a web designer, comedy club owner and has experience in entertainment PR and print advertising.

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