Vaccines and Autism: Debate Over?


Vaccines and autism: for years, there have been talk that the MMR immunization caused autism in otherwise healthy children. Many in the health field, however, dismissed the link. Last February, it was shown that the doctor who first made the link had faked the results. And now the medical journal The Lancet retracted the article in which those results were published, an unusual move on the part of the British publication. But will the debate rage on? Do parents like Jenny MCarthy still insist that the MMR vaccine caused their children's disorder? Daphne Brogdon of Cool Mom asks, "Vaccines and autism: debate over?"


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Kenda is a work at home mother who spends her days wrangling two companies, a teen, a toddler and her blog. She is a web designer, comedy club owner and has experience in entertainment PR and print advertising.

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