Who Do You Trust More: Doctors or Other Parents?


In the past, our Momversation panelists have discussed the concern over vaccines (and the subsequent reversal of the infamous MMR innoculation/Autism link). But some parents (including famous ones like Jenny McCarthy) are still convinced that vaccines can cause the disorder, especially considering the anecdotal evidence. Which got us wondering, who do you most rely on for medical advice: doctors or other parents? Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl poses the question to our mom bloggers. When you have questions about health, who do you most turn to? Do you turn to doctors for certain inquiries and other parents for others? Or do you shun one group for the expertise of the other? Join the Momversation by commenting on this video.



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Kenda is a work at home mother who spends her days wrangling two companies, a teen, a toddler and her blog. She is a web designer, comedy club owner and has experience in entertainment PR and print advertising.

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