Family Funtime: Stay-cation!

Her Say: Co-hosts Tory Shulman and Jennifer Brandt talk about the newest trend in the world of vacations: Stay-cations! Commit yourself to staying local and eating well, and you've got yourself a fantastic trip.



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Heather Brummett


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Heather is a wife, mom of 2, Christian, business owner, social enthusiast, frugal shopper and proud Texan. She was a career mom for many years. After 8 years of working to help support her family financially she wanted to make a change! Living on Love and Cents was created in March 2010 to help her in this endeavor!

Heather wanted a place to help her, as well as other moms, learn to live on a budget, save more, spend less and find creative ways to live on less. Her main goal was to one day be a stay at home mom. In January of 2011 she reached that goal and is am now staying home with her children and loving it.

With a lot of love and a little cents she is on a mission to help other moms live on less too! She loves to find fun and creative ways to have frugal fun. Finding new ways to use old items is a passion of hers. It takes hard work and a lot of creativity but living on less is possible and she is working to show others how!

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