Is Circumcision Wrong?


It's a tough decision that every American mother of a baby boy has to make: to circumcise or not circumcise? Opponents claim that it's akin to mutilation. Proponents cite studies showing the health benefits of circumcision. Still others have strong cultural ties to the procedure. Daphne Brogdon of Cool Mom asks the panelists, "What do you think about circumcision?"



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Lori Lange


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Lori Lange (aka "RecipeGirl") left the elementary school classroom in 2005 to start, which houses over 2,500 original and adapted recipes. Lori now spends her days developing recipes and photographing food for companies, websites and publications, such as Pepperidge Farm, Sam's Club and Betty Crocker, as well as creating original recipes and themed menus to add to

She is a recipe & video contributor to the online cooking series, Good Bite, and she has contributed to the cookbooks Junior League of San Diego: California Sol Food and Blog Aid for Haiti. Lori was a judge alongside Paula Deen in the Real Women of Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cook Off in Savannah, GA in 2010.

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