Are Mommies Allowed to Have Tantrums


If toddlers can throw temper tantrums, then why can't moms? After all, there's a lot of frustration that comes from raising kids who have very definite opinions on such things as the proper time for going to bed (never) and what constitutes a good dinner (ice cream). And though we all try our hardest to maintain an even keel, sometimes a mom can't help having a good ol' fashioned freakout. Guest Sarah Burns of The Ohana Mama asks, "Are moms allowed to have temper tantrums?"


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Sarah Burns


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Sarah Burns is a California native who traded traffic-filled freeways & the cold West coast waters for a beach house in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Sarah, her husband, two children and their dog Duke, now call Maui home. You can catch her parenting dispatches from paradise on her site The Ohana Mama.

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